Andrea Andreani (thesleeves) wrote,
Andrea Andreani


Ada is from September 20, 1985. She was born and raised in Colma, California. She has a degree in Rhetoric & Media Studies from Willamette University, Oregon, with a minor in Studio Art. After graduation, she went to work as a low-on-the-food-chain editor at an independent newspaper. She is much more likely to talk art than politics at any given moment. However, it is worth remembering which of these she at one time -- very explicitly -- subordinated to the other.

In September, 1985 Ada was in France for the first time in her life. There, in a museum, she became intrigued by an ancien régime sedan chair. She climbed into it and shut the door behind her. Once inside, she found that (a) she could no longer hear the alarms and (b) she was not in a sedan chair at all. As far as Ada was concerned, this was all for the better.
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